We'll collaborate with you to create a unique sound for your song, using your influences and specific requests. We'll discuss the desired vibe and sound, then craft a mix that stands out from the rest. All bookings also include a free video call for you to listen to the mix & discuss revisions in realtime. 

We mix at our own Longwater Studio, an acoustically treated room designed by Luca Mello Rella (GIK Acoustics) for an even frequency response. With over five years of experience, the studio, allowing you to craft a mix that stands out from the rest.

For budget-conscious clients, this is fine for release, but we encourage clients to book  mastering either through one of our recommendations or through us directly.


£50 for 2 multitracks
£100 for 3 to 16 multitracks
£150 for 17+ multitracks

£10 per track for mixed stem packs
£25 per hr for vocal tuning, time alignment & major revisions
£5 per additional edit for clean/radio/instrumental versions

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Mastering isn't just about making things louder! It's the final quality control stage before release, to optimise tracks for release.

It's often best to use a different mastering engineer to your mix engineer (we strongly recommend Ben Pike at Rare Tone Mastering!), but we can master our own mixes for those on a tight budget - we use an external studio for this, with a treasure trove of top analogue gear!


£50 per track for a single track
£25 per track for projects of 2+ tracks
£5 per additional edit for clean/radio/instrumental versions