We believe a great song is most important, but a great mix maximizes its impact on listeners.

We’ll discuss with you what kind of vibe & sound you're looking for, and, using your influences for reference, carefully craft a mix to make your track stand out from the noise.

Mixes are carried out at our own Longwater Studio. Custom designed by Luca Mello Rella (GIK Acoustics) for an even frequency response, we have used this room for 5+ years and have become intimately familiar with how it sounds. The studio facilitates our hybrid mixing style, incorporating analogue gear into a traditional DAW workflow.

All bookings include a free 1 hr video call for you to listen to the mix & discuss revisions in realtime (or 3 free minor* revisions via email)


£50 for 2 multitracks
£100 for 3 to 16 multitracks
£150 for 16+ multitracks

£10 per song for mixed stem packs
£25 per song for analogue mastering
£25 per hr for vocal tuning, time alignment & major revisions
£5 per additional edit for clean/radio/instrumental versions

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Longwater Studio

Facilities: Acoustically treated mixing studio
Computer/Software: HP 290 G1 SFF PC running Ableton Live 11. Dual monitor setup
Converters: Audient ID44
Monitors: Yamaha HS7
Mixing Desk: Allen & Heath Zed R16
Outboard Gear: ART Pro VLA II vactrol/tube comp
MIDI Controllers: Behringer X Touch, Samson Graphite 49
Mics: Aston Spirit, AKG D112, 2x Sennheiser E609, 3x Shure PG56, Shure SM57, 3x Shure SM58
Instruments: Hofner HCT 500/1 bass, Korg Minilogue & Yamaha Reface CP synths
Amps: Ashdown Five Fifteen, Fender Champion 40


What do you need from me?

If you’ve recorded with us - nothing! We’ll already have all files needed. If booking mixing separately, we need the stems for your song as a ZIP file either uploaded through WeTransfer, Google Drive or OneDrive. If you have a rough mix you've done yourself please include that too, and send links to any reference tracks in a similar genre.

What are stems?

A "stem" (or, more accurately in this context, a "multitrack") is a single track usually containing one instrument or mic (lead vocals or snare drum for example). Sometimes similar tracks can be summed together to save money (EG a few synths playing similar parts) but we really don't recommend this.

How do I prepare the stems?

All stems should be exported: as 24-bit WAV or AIFF files, at the sample rate they were recorded at; with at least -3dB headroom on each channel; DRY (no effects or panning should be included unless it's for a creative reason). PLEASE LABEL STEMS WITH INSTRUMENT NAMES!

Do you provide discounts for multiple bookings?

Yes, please contact us to discuss. We're always open to providing a discounted rate for full EPs and albums.

How do I book?

First fill out our contact form with as much detail about your project as possible - we'll get back to you within 24 hours detailing how we can help and the next steps for booking. Please be aware we ask for a 50% deposit upfront - this is non-refundable, and covers us in case of cancellation.

How do revisions work?

Emailing drafts back & forth is often a waste of time for both engineer & artists. We offer a FREE 1 hr call with your engineer using Zoom & a HQ audio connection straight from our DAW. You can listen to the first draft & discuss in realtime what revisions you'd like until you're completely happy. We provide up to 3 revisions free: additional revisions, video call time, and major revisions can be provided at our discretion, and will be charged at £25/hr needed.